Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BBC Radio Play "The Great Charter"

I was lucky enough to participate in a wonderful project put together by the BBC. On the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta (England’s King John and the country’s warring barons agreed on a peace treaty that would resolve future disputes and curb the king's power. It was called the Magna Carta – and is enshrined today as a democratic principle).

BBC Radio asked Matthew Solon to write a play - called the "The Great Charter" imagining "a scary future where civilisation as we know it is collapsing because the networks have failed. Only one man – an engineer - can bring the world back from the abyss. But there is a heavy price to pay. The Great Charter explores a range of contemporary issues such as information security and cyber-terrorism."

To reflect on some of its themes "Click" assembles a panel of experts including Matthew Solon who wrote the play, the computer scientist, Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Mahima Kaul who heads the Cyber and Media Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation in India.

Link to the actual radio play:

Link to the reflections on themes I participated in:
It was actually a very innovative and engaging idea and I really do urge you to listen to the play, and the discussion afterwards!

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