Thursday, September 23, 2010

Delhi O Delhi!

Going back to my CWG story.. Remember when we said the CWG Village site was not good because its right in the path of the Yamuna Floodplains? Well. Hello floods.

Anyway, while watching the madness that is the CWG, and even worse, the media coverage of the CWG... I was asked by TV NZ to comment, and I thought, why the hell not!

So here it is:


egg style said...

Prescient, prescient indeed, Mahima! Good job again!

In this case, am ready to plead guilty to having accorded these CWG guys the benefit-of-doubt for much too long: it is more than obvious now that the games are a royal disaster ("CWG nu chhaddo, mascot nu jhappo" is the street slogan), and like deluded dealmakers who think they're good because they offer the best terms (without any ability to meet them), this gang is looking more than just clownish, it is looking done for.

Should really not say anything at all; let the real facts speak for themselves (at least to those who are reasonably discerning). But cannot help but feel intensely sad for a leadership that watches the snapping of its once-cherished contract with people it purports to lead.

Of course, not everyone is gloomy about what this means in its most profound ramifications. Yet, amid the celebrations, pomp and fanfare erupting in India right now, there is sure to be some sober reflection on the search for a paradigm of enlightenment that proves itself worthy of one's conscience.

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IR said...

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