Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indian Express Video Features

So, as I'd said, I've been busy trying to produce videos for the Indian Express website.
I know the quality could be better, and I think my VO is too slow... but I am doing all the work myself... except for the occasional cameraperson, I am functioning as a one-woman-army..

Have a look, give me some feedback..

Rich man's world: There is nothing underground about the black economy.
The War Room:
L.K. Advani's campaign proves that technology can be a great motivator.
Midtown in Mumbai:
The residents of Dharavi are sceptical about the intent of the Dharavi Redevelopment Project.
Sun Burnt:
Urbanisation has yet again been at the cost of the farmers, a visit to Hyderabad reveals.
Road to Change:
Young people finding exciting business opportunities in being environmentalists.
Out with the trash:
“Disposable” points out that ragpickers perform an essential environmental duty, yet are denied a place in society.

More to come....


egg style said...

Hey, the VO is just about fine (relax a bit, though). On camerawork, would suggest having anyone (Mr Bor..er…whatever in this case) against the light, as in ‘War Room’, be a strict no-no. My own eyes recoil under such circumstances; would certainly not want to be reborn as a camera lens that might have to risk suffering the trauma of such focal concentration.

Visually, and perhaps audiowise too, ‘Rich Man’s World’ is watchably entertaining without getting frivolous, though to economists the ironic part is Indian real estate’s insulation from any subprime-crisis-type woes, thanks to black. Cash components of property deals ensure that mortgage values never fall below market values. As the global scene gets shakier, being lined with black could retain its allure for other reasons too.

Liked the touch of authenticity (terrific editing job, really) in ‘Midtown Mumbai’, with the Dharavi dude going “ay, taggoo” in the midst of his speech. Cool. Also, what can anyone possibly do with 269 sq ft of living space? It contorts all received notions of the human species’ spatial adaptability.

‘Road to Change’ is riotous. You can have em rolling in the aisles, begging for more. If Ms Howe sifting through clay, mud and stones to spy the benevolence of worms isn’t bizarre enough, we have her oohing “Take action, take action…” as if saving the world is a matter of URGE-ncy more than anything else. Ha Ha. Maybe she’s right, who knows. Nice work, all said.

mahima said...

yesss lighting and subtitles are my two immediate problems. rest will follow!!! lol
thanks though.. i taught myself to edit so all in all i'm still very much a work in progress...

Roy said...

nice work is all i can say...don't have the gift of egg in video analysis!

Anonymous said...

Humble submission, yr'onour. A black economy is what they are agitating for across the border, an economy of blackcoats. Now, as an old Punjabi once said in a heavy Punj accent, there are three types of "laiyyars". "First, a parson who tells lies. Second, when you lie back to traiyyur the time. And thurd, a good smartian for society, an argumenttive felllow who lives and breathes the laaaaw.

IR said...

nice work especially rich mans world and lk advani war room . very documentary like feel , i thought for a one woman show , the lighting and all were very good.

on the black money thing - even the govt deals in cash , if it was not for the cash money we would have been severely impacted by the crisis,

also the real use of cash component in real estate, is speculative ,the source for this cash is the stock market , so when the markets are weak , the tap is closed and real estate prices start falling.

mahima said...

Thanks guys.. I don't think people at my paper have even bothered to see this page.. a little print preoccupied I suppose.. so this is the only feeedback I've been getting.. appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

IE has an interesting oped piece on the dangers of internet myopia and how it can stilt the intellect. May be it should be given some thought.

mahima said...


Firstly, do I know you? I never know when friends visit my blog..

Also, the IE piece (The Daily Me) is talking about a theory that has long existed about news consumption. I agree with it to a large degree, but it isn't just limited to the internet. Even in books, newspapers, TV shows.. we normally read and watch what we like because we enjoy it. That is why we all need to push ourselves to look at material we wouldn't normally see.

I'm also trying, slowly, to cover subjects I don't have much of an interest in..

Thanks though..

Anonymous said...

Fret not, you don't know this commenter. Am here on this interesting blog only to register my fear of generations lost to worldviews that are but reflections of their own preconditioned minds. It is ominous that the reading discipline is increasingly giving way to online-only behaviour patterns. Claims by the youth that they "read online" ring hollow, since the attentive, involved and indeed cogitative kind of long-stretch reading that cultivates and activates the intellect (a must in the information era upon us now) can only be done with printed matter on paper, as with books.

The Dude said...


Anay said...

Hi Mahima,

The War Room: L.K. Advani's campaign proves that technology can be a great motivator.

Link to this video opens to 6th Pay Commission Video. Can you

mahima said...

They have changed all the links. You can go to youtube, all the vids are there. My profile is misskaul

Puneet said...

..Nice work..I think intent is superb..
Some small comments though..
-All the links lead to to the same pay commission video link..Sorry cannot stop by pointing that out(i have a computer science bkgnd)
-The captions in the middle of the videos were great and went with the flow of the videos but words might have looked well in a better font..

Don't come charging against me for my feedback :)) if you did not like it. I am bit worried about an apparent backlash after reading your current blog..


mahima said...

hello puneet
am sorry i only saw ur comments today.
i got thru some random moments, normally i don't mind criticisms
its when i spar with the BSP supporters i get riled up.. ha ha!
but thats for ur input, really do appreciate it :)