Friday, November 28, 2008

An equal attack

I just want to remind everyone, including the Indian media, that this is not an A-list attack. The Taj and Oberoi were just some of the targets -- local spots like the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus and the Cama Hospital -- have seen the most dead. With the inclusion of the Jewish House and the demand for the US/UK passports, it seems they have targeted rich, poor, Indian, foreign all in one clean sweep.


egg style said...

This is not a time for epistemological debates, admittedly, but perhaps it is worth reminding ourselves that anything that can rationally be said to constitute "knowledge" must necessarily pass a strict test of Truth Value ascertainment.

Instantaneous religious labelling and kneejerk motive attribution, for instance, smacks of a collapse of rational-assessment processes ("is this a dagger... or a product of the heat oppressed brain"), even if the balance of probability (on the evidence and indications so far) would tilt suspicions in a direction that, sadly for liberals, suits everyday reactionaries and opportunists ranged against harmony and peace.

Is India really ready for the knowledge era that is about to determine the economy of the future?

Our intellectual response to this Mumbai Taj-Trident crisis would tell us. Are we prepared to think meditatively about solutions that will actually work?

IR said...

i am almost at the end of my day in office , i have occasionaly been watching the news channels ,
everytime barkha dutt says it is over , people are out , there is a fresh attack , they are still fighting on all the 3 locations !
it has been 48 hrs , we will vote tomorrow under the shadow of this attack !

they have the world media at their feet and they are making fun of india , they are dictating how long will this stand off continue ,
they are the ones in charge not us , evrytime ndtv says its over and praises "indias brave men " the terrorists strike again

my view on media rights are rather liberal , but i think there has to be some way we can stop these channels from giving it all away to the terrorits , simply because they want a "scoop" !

dont they know they can be seen and heard by terrorists as well ?

the media is covering the 2 hotels and nariman point possibly beacuse live gun batteles make for better electronic news , than empty train stations !

as you said our reaction to this audacious attack will define whether we are a soft nation or we have a nano bit of assertiveness left in us

Dantedownunder said...

I sincerely hope that all who feel angry at this moment, convert that anger into a more permanent resolve, which is finally reflected by the government in the form of stricter security measures. While the government being blamed was perhaps to be expected, I personally feel that our government reflects us more accurately than we think. If we don't forget such incidents, allow certain curbs on our personal freedom for the sake of greater internal security, only then can we hope to get the kind of security we want. This would require the media to find out and talk about potential security lapses even after months or years of peace. It is not a coincidence that not just the government but pretty much the entire nation realized a few nights back that the security in some of these high profile areas was woefully lacking. It's true that it is not Shobha De's job to keep an eye on the security in front of the Taj, but it is indeed her duty to use her column to speak of such issues more often and not just after such attacks. I also hope that the media stops its melodramatic rantings, gives people the facts and shuts up when there is no further information. If an operation takes 60 hours it is not to keep tv audiences on the edge; they were doing their job the best they could.
We were all feeling completely helpless but we can't save people by screaming for numbers. Its just been terrible.

mahima said...

I didn;t mean to slam Shobha De.. dear me. But you are so right, I was outside the Taj today, people were frolicking about, watching the show .. "we are like that only"

Ksingh said...

we are like that only... unfortunately.

i caught the security in my office, which is searching ever car now on a daily basis. They let a skoda in without checking it, because its a "big" car and had someone from sr management. COme on dude 5 days back the same terrorists hijacked a damn skoda. this attitude change is required. we all need to start making these efforts at a micro level, cause at the govts level we really have no clue what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

To stop terror, we need a secular approach to life and death issues such as security. Stop politicians from politicising or saffronising essential instituitions that exist for the security of citizens. All this what people are saying about such high worry only because the rich are finally facing bullets is not good. All are affected as you say Mahima. United, we can fight the menace. Divided, we fail.

IR said...

ref my comment above on media reports