Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bollywood Dynasties

It's a tiny feature that has gone on air many many many months after it was done.. but I wanted to share..

You can skip to about 4:20 but the first story is really interesting (perhaps more than ours!!) -- but the second is something I worked on, and it's just a fun little snippet of an industry I almost never think about.

Hello world, blog will be back to business soon!


The Dude said...

4:20! :D

mahima said...

ha ha ha... i know right!

IR said...


unfair to say raj kapoor made it because of his father , who was not found of motion pics as such ,

people make it in bollywood or hollywodd for that matter , if they are accepted by the masses , i dont think lineage is the key,
but this represents a d/f point of view

mahima said...

true.. but we touched upon the idea of second chances... kids of stars get a whole lot more chances to prove themselves than regular folk.. not saying good or bad.. just highlighting a reality..

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The Dude said...


egg style said...

Don’t have the foggiest clue why, but in Indian eyes, the Beauty that is Indian Cinema transcends any analysis sought to be imposed on it by standardised gauges of meritocracy.

The supposed suzerainty of the surname (say, Bachchan) fades in relevance in face of the fact that every top-earner in the Hindi Film Industry has always been an outsider (think Amitabh, SRK, Aishwarya Rai) of passionate grit and humble origin.

Whether or not this is a blanket rule that can black out nepotism, the real story in Indian eyes is the depth-of-field vision & self-will that success takes.

Ultimately, one could say it’s about the testimony it serves to the fact that nobody can shirk reality by thrusting his/her own destiny upwards to form a job description (aaargh) for some Higher Force… ah, the alluring allowances of alliterative allusions !!

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