Tuesday, October 07, 2008

random house

Was meant to go to Orissa for a shoot, but with the violence and flooding, things came to a standstill. That's when I started writing -- aimlessly at first -- a book. Now, there's no telling if I will finish the book, I can't make out if its interesting to anyone besides me (although the two people who've read it seemed to enjoy it). Plus I'm more racy novel than anything deep and insightful, but who cares! As long as its fun and you learn something. (What is it about, you ask: all in good time!)

Anyway as I started to lift my head and watched news, I was as disappointed as anyone with what happened with the Tata's in Bengal. And whats more, they have now decided to go to Gujarat with the Nano, which makes me wonder how Modi, villified for violence against Muslims, has proven to be a good CM in terms of business and industry. I guess this experiment with democracy is all good, but when you need something done, a firm hand is the best?

Meanwhile, a fellow journalist gets killed -- murdered -- on Delhi roads late at night and the CM thinks she was being "adventurous". Just makes you realise how out of touch Old India is with New India, where travelling at night is quite routine for many women -- and men. Did our CM not know this? That's what I'm shocked about. On my own, I've seen this city at all times of the day and night, thats for sure, and I've been lucky; nothing has ever happened. I was stopped at a police check near the PM's house once, all the cops were drunk, misbehaving. Luckily one was sober and told me to just drive off. I know that unless a female cop is present they can't stop me at night, but there was a barricade -- I had no choice. But thats almost all of my misadventures.

Recently I attended a do where there were many of my ex-collegues from the Indian Express and I was asking them what the deal was with this Indian Mujahideen. The emails said the bombs were for Gujarat, but to me, its still baffling how bombing Delhi aimless really helps their own lives. It's a pretty retarded strategy was strategies go -- unfortunately, a very dangerous one. So thats my new project for myself; following the terror trail more closely. I remember when the Indian in Australia was suspected of terror -- I forget his name right now -- India boasted of the fact that there was not one single Indian Muslim terrorist. Now they seem to be everywhere. What is it then?

We had this conversation about stereotypes last night. I won't repeat much of it since it was politically horribly incorrect, but at the end of the day my thought was that stereotypes are based on behavior patters, and then blown out of proportion. But, as far as my understanding is, the best part about stereotypes is that they can be broken.

So, to things we believe are so not true and how we can prove that. And aimless racy novels. Cheers.


egg style said...

Here's to your new venture taking wing ala Terpsiphone Paradisi (reference courtesy waraiwoods ad in FE 08/10/08)!!

Some good random -- and humane --literature would be welcome. Bipeds, feathered or otherwise, tend to be rather good at that.

As for the bad works of fiction, those that wield blunt tools of selective dehumanization, those involving analogies of scorpions (on paper) and roaches (on film), and those that lack all sense of human sensitivity, they are best left ignored. Damn them to oblivion. Quietly. Noiselessly.

Readerships can be delightfully discerning. And thankfully, as one said to the other (ref courtesy John Irving), the world will always have human beings with a conscience alive to the livewire challenges of the literary and cinematic world. How's that for Optimism, a trait essential to the survival of the species?

egg style said...

"As long as it's fun and you learn something". Reminds me of this short piece from a special circulation paper:

Face it. There are two things you can’t escape: school ties (of all stripes) and The Oliphant (which never forgets). As someone who had the privilege of playing editor in the latter-1980s, when opting for the role involved the expedient of everyone else taking one step back in unison (ala Jungle Patrol), I go gooey with nostalgia at its very mention.

In four years, the newsletter evolved from Whodunnit Hubbub to 1984 Thwarter, and from Checklist Charlie to Wall Buster, with John Farnham’s Voice to egg us on. This sounds like serious stuff, and serious we indeed were about getting our words across “The Wall” to the… well-hmmm… girls, the cuddly creatures of campus folklore on the other side of Circular Road’s searchlight patrol.

The newsletter went pink in the ink, but the only wall to fall was far away. Anyhow, it gave me my first few media lessons. First, grab an audience, doing wheelies with words if need be. And second, learn to knot unlikely ties. Oh, I still have that throat lump. It’s striped.

IR said...
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IR said...

nice , the problem with sterotypes in this context is that they are needlessely re-enforced politicians , " msulim leaders " etc

I mean the whole theory that sharma was killed by his own men by people like mj akbar , leading papers carrying all sorts of articles about various theories right next to a news piece carry info on the slain inspectors family

the only thing this will do is , help the bjp in the next elections , i dont think they represent a solution , but they are the biggest benefactors of the stand taken by muslims, political parties and news papers

mahima said...

Yeah, see what i saw on indianmuslimsblog;


HT's coverage of the shootout

Anonymous said...

prjudice is everywhere sponsored by powerful people from behind, but return of the "thhulla" will be very sad, especially memory of freedom fighters

Anonymous said...

see, if lady of Jai Vande Matram Kalyan Samiti is charged with terror acts, and someone reads bad translation of Holy Geeta saying to "kill your brethren", then will you paint whole community of crores evil?
but same is being done all over the world, atmosphere is to create communal voilence by people looking for benefit. apply same standards to all communities please. not a fndamentalist demand to be fair to all ciizens