Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's my trust vote and I'll shout if I want to

They came from everywhere; wheelchairs and stretchers – jail. And the anticipation of drama delivered! From the moment a crore of rupees was placed in the House by three BJP MPs – everything changed. Read on to see how the BJP's staged drama did not hold a trust vote down.
Any spellings, typos, etc, I’ll do tmr – I’m exhausted from typing and need a drink.

To be sure, the day did not start like this. My alma mater, I was a little surprised to read in the morning, lauded the first day of the debate – “the country was given snapshots of major political formations’ thinking on a complex and crucial issue. Hosting debates of such depth, apart from passing laws, is really what Parliament is about,” it felt. But the contrast between a real conversation about where this country is heading and name-calling just served to remind people like me that some people, unfortunately, just don’t care.

But Chidabaram, Gandhi and Lalu, all gave entertaining and fiery speeches.

“The BSP and SP, so far outside of the two coalitions, have not so much ditched partners as much as tried to find space in national politics,” the Express editorial had read. I wasn’t so sure I agreed with that, but what do I know?

But I’ll say this, despite what anyone says, it did turn out to be a vibrant debate in the end! Not deep, just dynamic.

The prime minister was to speak soon.

More than one crore rupees has been placed in the House – is it orchestrated drama? It is a “blot in the history of Indian democracy”, says Barkha Dutt, asking if “ a vote can be taken at all”. Its 4.16pm. The Speaker is obliged to refer this to a committee. But last night, as Barkha said, the PM had challenged MPs to prove they were offered money. This could be why this is happening.

But the Speaker’s hands are tied and cannot allow a vote now, can he?

Lok Sabha adjourned till 5pm.

Historic moment of shame, they said. Honestly, I didn’t feel shame as much as irritation. You were offered money? You refused. Then shut up and vote. Buying, bribing, bartering MPs is not new. That they are waving this money around means that they are not voting/abstaining under pressure.

Then came news of proof. S.C Mishra, BSP, came on TV so say that the PM should resign.

Speaker spoke. All three leaders have been asked to submit their complaints. BJP, again, made demands. Let people air their grievances in parliament, the PM should resign.

Back to the studio. Vinod Mehta echoed my thoughts, that people of this country will not be very shocked. They may be enjoying the stunt? I wonder. Shekhar Gupta said this is how cynicism builds up – all politics is run like this. Mehta said cynicism cannot increase in this country!

Mayawati on TV: Wants PM to resign, if this is how he has behaved to save his government. Standard statement.

Vote or walk-out? Shekhar Gupta says but a walk out is also a vote. Also that Mayawati had people join her “not because of some long lost love for Dr Ambedkar”.
A “cattle market out there” pointed out Vinod Mehta but made a good point – “it has been a cattle market since the day the trust vote was announced”.

Danger of homemade stings is, Shekhar Gupta pointed out, “Even when a good thing happens, it gets lost”. He said we need a deterrent, even if one person went to jail, it may go a long way. And if something like this happened? Should the PM resign? No, they said, but “someone should go to jail” says Shekhar Gupta with a side story. A BSP MLA was sent to jail. His widow has now been elected from a BSP ticket. And the man who murdered him, is now out from jail, to vote right now, on a BSP ticket!

Jaswant Singh was on the phone, he sounded so lazy, like he was sitting at home having a whisky and cigar, I couldn’t help smiling. But he said the BJP is fine with a vote in an “extraordinary situation”.

IBN had some leads on the bribing story, and had in its possession some tapes of bribes. So it decided to hand them over to the Speaker, because they had concerns over Parliamentary Privledge.

6.30pm, the Parliament was back on. The Speaker was again interrupted by disrupted elements. Mr Owasi was allowed to speak. He said the BJP had guided the Left in this drama, and he supports the government on matters of social welfare. He believed the Left front “for no reason whatsoever” withdrew support. He went on to ask why people are claiming Muslims are against the deal – why has no one pointed out what Hindus stand for, Dalits etc. It is for the PM to decide foreign policy, and said the Left front hates minorities. If Advani becomes PM, it is the Muslims who will suffer.

Mehbooba Mufti got up, and said after listening to the debate, that the BJP is only opposing the deal because it wants to take credit for it. Screaming to be heard, she said they only want to renegotiate the deal.., she was drowned out by cries from ‘istifa do, idtifa do’.

Omar Abdullah got up said he did not know if the one crore is true, but it is the reason smaller parties are being disrupted. He does not see a distinction between being a Muslim and being Indian, and he sees no reason to be afraid. The enemies of Indian Muslims are “the same enemies the poor people of India face” – poverty, hunger and so on. Not a member of the UPA, but he, being unhappy with the Left for becoming certifiers of who is secular and who is not. When he was with the NDA, he says the Left thought he was an outsider, but now they claim he is secular. He did not resign over Gujarat and his conscience has not forgiven him – he would not make that mistake again. To catcalls of the Amarnath Yatra, he said the fight was for land, but the Kashmiris has not turned away pilgrims. “Hum aapke jaise communal nahi hain!”
Very powerful and well spoken, I felt a chill, and I won’t lie – I welled up a bit!

The next speech was given by man – Virendra Kumar (JD)S -- who wanted clarification on certain things the PM had said on the Hyde Act. (I want to point out that all these speeches were made with the BJP shouting slogans in the background). He desperately ran through a page or two of the speech of the PM (as far as I could make out). He laid his objections on the table.

Next up was a speech to support the government, for the poor by Briswamuthiary, an independent MP. “We are indigenous people and have numerous programmes in our villages,” and in Assam, he wanted some tribes on the SC list, one area to be made another district (?), more funds for the Bodo people. His demands were very basic – schools, money – probably not the best time to discuss this, but he’d probably never had a full house with the nation watching before.

The Speaker insisted that the North Easterners speak – Mani Charimeiner from outer Manipur – said he would support the government as he has been promised that the Common Minimum Program would be re-examined. It is an under developed area, full of problems, but he said he has decided to “share the problems of the nations” and support the nuclear deal. He also wanted the desire and aspirations of the Naga people to be fulfilled.

Yerranaidu, TDP, very angry, bright yellow kurta. He opposed the motion not just on the basis of the deal but other failures. The PM’s office became a hotbed for political deals in the name of energy security, and the sovereignty of the country is being given to the Bush administration. “The Bush is going,” so he asked what is the hurry? China took ten years to finalize the 123 agreement, he said, and there is no unanimity among political parties, no majority, and since this issue is not of the Congress but the country, and he could not support the motion. He asked the PM few questions. One seemed silly, even the Speaker chuckled, the other (as my mother said) was not true.

Next a woman –Ranjeet Ranjan (LJSP), asked for respect of the House (which she actually got). She praised the PM for his honesty and said that she was prepared to come here to denounce the deal, but after seeing the events of the day, she is disgusted. She was clearly impressed by Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah’s passion. She said, fiery and passionate, some people point a figure at others while they have ACs, money and criminals with them, and that the opposition has shamed the country. Single handedly she was blowing up the BJP and Akalis (as her husband is from Punjab, she seemed to know Punjabi very well), and said Sikhs always sacrifice without asking for something in return, and it is the duty of the Akalis to support the government. Then she supported it herself.

The next got only two mins when he started – in support of the government – Murmu of JMM. The need that the country has for electricity, and how the government is going forward to meet that need – the deal is for the good of the country. He was satisfied with the explanations of the deal, and did not understand why the Left deserted the government after four years. He said the opposition keeps talking about the government giving money – well, who was ready to take it??

I was glad to see other MPs disgusted by the BJPs behavior in the House today, not just us couch potatoes.

The PM stood up and the BJP flocked, asking for resignation, not allowing him to speak. “Whatever decision there is, we will carry on…” I could barely hear through the loud chanting for his resignation. He handed in his speech after barely even a minute, so that the trust motion could take place.

7:21pm – He asked the House to ‘ay’ and ‘nay’, but everyone sounded equally as loud, so he asked for a division. Some demands came out saying ask the Rajya Sabha members to leave, but the Speaker asked those asking not to be frivolous. Votes were being collected physically in the House.

Lobbies were cleared at 7:26pm. The secretary-general was asked to stand up and make the announcement with screaming and shouting in the background. The Speaker himself is quite talkative and I thought spoilt a few moments of quiet.

But then it started. Buttons were there to be pressed. For those who didn't use them, slips were going to be provided, and they had to sign, write their names and ID numbers, area, and date. Abstention slips would be provided. A screen on the wall had a computerized number.

Yes 253
No 232
Abst 002
Total 487

Confusion. Weren’t there more people who had to vote? Another 54 votes have to be counted yet; those are people using the slips instead. I don’t really understand why some people haven’t used the buttons, but all I know is that it could still swing another way. But the Congress is in a substantial lead, people starting congratulated the PM. Jayanti Natrajan explained that sometimes peoples buttons don’t work, or were not pressed properly, so right now the government still has to wait.

Barkha asked the question again – “Has the vote been overshadowed?” Swapan Dasgupta asked, the question is, “Will it be a tainted victory?” Will the deal seem compromised? Shekhar Gupta still thinks that if allegations are true, then one person needs to go to jail at least. Vinod Mehta was more concerned about smaller parties and their role now. And the question invariably turned to elections – should they have done it earlier, when should they do it now? More talk went on in all studios – Sagarika Ghosh making a really funny crack about how this might just be a good reason we need new technology (buttons not working)! The PM’s standing, the future of the Left… it was quite an interesting evening at the NDTV studios.

The government won the trust vote, and Vande Matram played, and we saw Parliament standing quietly for once. Sounds like 275 v/s 256, but no one seems sure. Ten absentations. Much wider than anyone expected, except, Prannoy Roy tells us Barkha was sure the Congress won have a clear win.

After the event, we find out about the best speech we never got to hear, that of the prime minister. I look forward to reading the text.

Singh is King.


han_outlaw@hotmail.com said...

brilliant stuff....i can c u tht u hav put in a lotta effort...a nice read n gr8 stuff!!

Anonymous said...

So are u saying that there was no corruption in the whole drama today... ???

lathesh said...

crisp n sweet!!!!!

Roh (Davina) said...

thanks for the breakdown, since i missed a lot of speeches. But really today was madness, what should have been bout the nuke deal was more like "who wants to be the next PM"! a shame really, if these are the adults that are mps, a terrible shame, no class whatsoever!

Anonymous said...

Came across your post whilst desperately trying to get my hands on a video of omar adbullah's speech (video)... liked your writing style.
Unfortunately i missed the entire drama of the day (some souls need to work), and i've been glued to the news channels since 8pm, trying to get a byte here.. a byte there. Don't know about your idea of 'deep', but from whatever little i saw, i saw 2 polar sides of the nation! On one hand, the opportunistic politics & the shallow politicians... on the other, a few people of sincere integrity. Be it Omar Abdullah (caught 1 min of his speech... it made my hair stand on end!) with his fiery and passionate speech, or be it Rahul Gandhi, or be it Dr. Manmohan Singh... a man of true integrity, who's also fast learning the ropes of politics at the highest level.
Unfortunately most people combine sincerity & integrity with moralism. Sometimes there is a line of separation. Just because the PM is a man of integrity, does it mean he/his party will not do the necessary political maneuvering to survive, and thereby ensure national interests are protected? And if they do what's necessary, i see absolutely no harm.
Anyways, still trying to get my hands on that omar speech video... if you know where i can find it, please email me on deepakrlamba@rediffmail.com. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Deepak!!!
I came across ur comments, when I googled for the same Omar Abdullah's speech .
How much difference a single speech can make.Be it Abdullah, Rahul or Dr. Singh, their speech's r talk of the day. Education does matters; r those uneducated n criminal politicians listening....It reminds me of the speech on leadership by Al Pachino in the movie "Scent of a Women"...One good speech can change one's opinion , dude!!!!

Trideev BG.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the very detailed post on what transpired! Unfortunately, my travel got in the way of watching all the drama on TV (the streaming video on NDTV, etc. never really work when there is a major event leading to much traffic).

Re: the cash/bribes. Really, what's the big deal? Was anyone surprised...Blot!? Hasn't this happened many times before?

Re: Omar, he's very articulate...I admire him too (and am not even Kashmiri!).

Re: Results...What was all that about? Every news site announced the prelim numbers as the final tally.

Re: BJP. I am disappointed. For their faults, their party was much more disciplined in their behavior than this.

mahima said...

To the anon person who asked me if I said there was no corruption today. No. What I am saying is that this was not the time and place. It was contrived. It was all drama. And I hope there is investigation. But to place money in the Lok Sabha, claim its from the SP and then ask the PM to resign is a little scripted, is it not?

To Trideev: My name's Mahima, not Deepak. :)

The post mortem, we shall do as we go along..!

R said...

A very interesting read...glad you work for the news. It is unfortunate that a perfectly respectable party of the past has been reduced to staging such acts. I don't know how many votes were decided by the speeches themselves, but I certainly hope there were a few. If so, it would be an encouraging sign for the utility of having parliamentary sessions. As for the Left being the self-proclaimed defenders of "Principles", I wonder why they haven't considered digging up the Indian ocean floor for oil(just for kicks), since India's dependence on other countries for its fuel needs must be giving them recurring nightmares.

rossoneri said...


IR said...

mmufti was right in what she said about the bjp ,they want to sign on the dotted line !

i did not get time to see any speech ( did i miss anthing :- ) ) , i mean , if the govt had lost this , there would have been elections , and there are more politicians who want to avoid elections than those who want them, so the result was very clear , even before it all started

also times now , declared the upa as winners a good half an hour before it was officially announced ( you did not see this channnel )

i read transcripts of everybodys speeches in this mornings newspaper , nice jabs by the pm towards advani ( all the astrologer talk) pity dr singh is learning the languauge only towards the end of his tenure.

but the best was omar abdullah ,
" i am an indian and i am a muslim , to me both go hand in hand " - this is a befitting reply to all pseudo secularists ( left , cong) and right wingers ( rss , muslim league )

Anonymous said...

...wow... I am a bit amused to see that someone's eyes would be welled with any political speech at all...
Afterall, well scripted or not - its a purely political speech...
It 100% possible some other day the same person will admit regret on having sided with UPA as well :-)
Anything is possible with politicians...young or old...

Waise looks like u are a bit over awed by Rahul Gandhi/Omar etc... just curious...
are u married?

mahima said...

No, not married.

I liked the latter half of Rahul's speech, and I said so.

Omar was the diet coke of political drama, anyway, I'm glad I'm not totally cynical and can appreciate a good moment when it happens. I liked the passion, scripted or not.

I have an opinion, but I sign off. You have something to say? Don't say it anonymously.

Some Random Thoughts said...

Hey Mahima,

Love the way you write. I came across your blog by accident but will be following it going forward.


CB said...

a little aside.... aware of your pro-congress secular stance (and not saying I'm on the other side...for me its more like pick-your-poison), but i'm curious about which you prefer? Peaceful economic stagnation or dec-secularized growth?

Not saying it has to be one or the other, but from a macro perspective, and I dig into those numbers for a living in more depth than most, we're in terrible shape.

Secular or not, i'm not sure how active religious rhetoric is in times of economic stagnation. I haven't studied similar demographics during times of economic strife to make an educated comparison, but I'm troubled by how the government has fucked it all up, economically.

Deep down, no matter how pro-secular I am, i still believe people are less pissed off the less poor they are. Whether the growth is non-secular or not, I still prefer the creation of wealth with unequal yet controlled distribution rather than equal distribution of a stagnant/shrinking (in real terms) pie. Right now, to me, economic upliftment and regaining lost momentum is of a higher order than appeasing everyone. Its never going to be one big happy family. I don't mind a "happier family" but I'd pick a bickering rich one over a happy poor one. Eventually (if you wait long enough), the cost of Rice will hurt (in a pervasive sense) more than who stormed which masjid/temple.

I'm fence sitting on this one as you can tell.. tough call..

Indian said...

Great writing. Keep it up. Education matters, leads to good decisions

Swati Narayanan said...

It will be useful if you also gave your email addy on the blog or in profile.

sumit nanda said...

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chitku said...

Singh is not king cash is king.

mahima said...


IR said...

omar abduallah's i am indian i am muslim , falls flat on its head , when his father tells a centeral comm. that he supports opening up a road from POK ,if the one from jammu is blocked

and the show begins !

i wonder what would happen if people start protesting about special haj terminal ( pse read swapan dasguptas article in todays toi) or the "islamic center" in the heart of delhi is closed ?

egg style said...

The Parliament vote was not an edifying sight, to say the least. But nor, as tea gulpers exclaimed over their newspapers, was it totally depressing either. At its finest, the effort to empower people is not a numbers thing, and there are many who can see clearly through all the posturing and stuff that goes on for popular consumption. In an era of easy allegations, smoking gun imagery can be desk-crafted to serve a premeditated agenda, so let's jump to no conclusions (either way, one might add).

The future is still open. While everyone has a big stake in knowing what's really happening, it is silly to let mutual suspicions in the interim drive a wedge through a possible (...possible, if not inevitable) N-rennaissance taking centrestage in these parts. Critically, the wedge-servers of J&K must desist from their little games forthwith.

If everyone has to rethink, so be it. The operative word is 'think', not fire aimlessly, even if the noise of 'democracy' (as currently conceived) is sure to be deafening. What are the values to be nurtured and transmitted? Have they found filial expression or have they turned recessive? Are we being duped? Safeguarding one's intellectual progeny demands consensual clarity even beyond the ayes and noes, important as they may be.

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egg style said...

Now that the parliamentary din has started slowly returning to no rmalcy, as desired, it's time to pose the big question: to what extent is Indian democracy an expression of the people's will?

Morna said...

Thanks for writing this.

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