Friday, March 07, 2008

bitch is the new black

Have you been watching the American primaries? Since I’m not so keen on a Republican winning office, I’m not really looking at that side of the pond. Especially because McCain has won the nomination and now there isn’t really much to do but wait for the Democratic nominee.

Listen, if I could vote, I’d probably vote Hillary. It’s a gut instinct. I just think she’s tough and smart enough to push for the right agendas and get things done. I know people are worrying about the trade policies, that’s what India should be worrying – Clinton and Obama have an isolationist twang to their thoughts – in fact, I think Fareed Zakaria recently wrote a piece saying that people in other countries were almost feeling bad Bush is leaving office because of the way he backed free trade. But I don’t care to get into these conversations right now. My practical side tells me I don’t have a vote so I will just watch the election process as a study of human behavior. Plus politcal satire always rocks during election time! Jon Stewart is supporting Obama and SNL is supporting Hillary. You have to jump in on this action if you haven’t already! Tina Fey hosted the first SNL after the Writers Strike, and they had this whole section on women’s news, where she says, “people don’t like Hillary cause she’s a bitch. Well, I’m a bitch… Amy’s a bitch…. Bitches get things done! Bitch is the new Black!!” Its insane, go to the website and see the links!

Anyway I’m rather uninspired in life, I apologize, so I just came here to say this. That is all!

Oh, btw, has anyone read Life of Pi? I read it recently. Imaginative, yes, but normally, with my love for cultural analysis I can really jump into “what it all means” I really didn’t. So then I picked up Chetan Bhagat’s five point someone, about these three IIT students who screw up their years in college, try to steal the exam papers, all that jazz. It was so bloody cute. Read it!


rossoneri said...

the times had a nice article supporting hillary...

btw, five point someone totally sucks!

mahima said...

hahah really? i saw sitting on a 2 hr flight from bangalore to delhi... totally entertained me..
plus i got into trouble in boarding school a LOT...!

egg style said...

Admittedly, a female in the Oval Office is an interesting, even beguiling prospect. But what makes the difference is whether the person has a strictly top-down view of the world, or an inversion view as well. In India, global companies with gigabytes of research intelligence thought a poor country that can barely afford soap couldn’t dream of shampoo, but Velvette sensed aspirations through inversion lenses, and started the sachet revolution.

Another indicator is how well one listens. To people, and to advisors, and how well advisors listen to people. Prof Austan Goolsbee, anObama advisor, recalls handing out feedback forms to his class at Chicago GSB soon after he started teaching. "The students sent me back the forms and I remember one said: 'You suck. But I hope you will take this as constructive criticism'," he was quoted in FT as saying, “rocking with laughter”. Yeah, likeability counts, and the guy has done some swell academic work as well.

On a somewhat abstract plane, whether or not it turns out to be the “better story” at the end, eclectic experiences could be a winner. Not Nietzsche necessarily. Or same boat/planet sensitivity. Or the thin line between hope and despair. Or even a think list ticked (or struck off) diligently down to the last item.

egg style said...

Black listing. Now is that unfair or is that unfair?