Friday, November 16, 2007

For the party

The other day, that was before I went and septified by index finger and was unable to type for almost three weeks, I started this post. At the time, I was going to bash the Left – mostly because I felt like it was a made for media party. Everyday was a new statement, everyday more photo-ops. Like they were getting off from all this attention. A superiority complex. And the more issues they weighed in on, the angrier I got cause it just felt like talking for the sake of talking. For the sake of being on TV.

Well, if we needed any more of an indication of their intellectual dishonesty, look at Nandigram. Now, because the CPM is getting so much flak for not stopping the violence in Nandigram, they are trading in their soul (what soul?) for UPA’s support. So they let the PM et al go to the IAEA at this crucial point. I don’t really have any concrete evidence in my hand but I’m just analyzing what I see unfolding before me.

Firstly, if they really are going to stick to this silly idea that India should not have a nuclear deal with the US, then why even allow this next step? You know, the other day this member of Lalu’s RJD came to the office, and he basically said that the Left’s objections to the deal caught them by surprise because they (the Left) had basically made it known that they would make noises to cater to their audience, but the deal would go through anyway. Well, if this is what they meant, they should have underlined, bold, and italed the word ‘noises’!

Anyway now to Nandigram – the reason I (and many others) believe they have eased up on the deal. See, the point to note is that the CPM makes no real distinction between party and government. The Bengal government doesn’t come down upon the CPM. So CPM hooligans were bashing up the Trinamool thugs, muchos violence ensued, and the state basically let it happen.

Now as more gruesome stories of rape come out, so do comparisons of Nandigram and Gujarat. Now, to be sure, the scale and the provocation are totally different in both cases. Nandigram certainly wasn’t communal, it certainly wasn’t spread over the state. But it was party/state sponsored, and that’s worrying.

More so because of one more thing. The other day, we were discussing which parties we support. And the conclusion we came to was that the Congress wins, in our circle, however undeservingly at times, because at least you get the sense that it is a party of educated people. The BJP, for all its pros, has the biggest con, and that is the communal tint. So what other really educated alternative do we have? And now the Left, being at least supposedly a party of intellectuals, has shown us that it is no better.

Condoning gunda-giri is appalling. And not drawing a distinction between what the state needs and what the party wants makes them as uncouth as the rest of them in my eyes.

When will we become FOR the people?


Balaji said...

I don't think people should be supporting any party. People should be supporting views, ideas and issues. How come so few independents get elected in this country?

CPM in Bengal can hardly be called a communist party. But CPM elsewhere is ok, I guess.

mahima said...

I agree with you, but the reason we back parties is because we try and find out that shares the majority of our views and then vote it into power...
But what if you stand for power in the end? Unfortunately we lack visionaries...

royalrichfamous said...

How can you say that the Congress wins? Was there any kind of backing by the Congress for the people of nandigram? They are too scared to upset the Left.

And what about crown prince Rahul Gandhi? He made some comment on 'Aam Aadmi' being india's most impoortant asset! Then howcome Mr Gandhi did not find his voice to criticise the CPI and their actions in nandigram? still hiding behind mummys politically correct skirts??

You say you support congress because at least they are educated people. Yet think about it, how much worse it is to be educated and aware and still not move a finger.

The truth is that no one cares about the poor man in nandigram who has been murdered his wife and daughters raped, his hut burnt down and all because he said no to the greedy CPI govt who wanted to take away his loand and give it to some corporate for the SEZ.

mahima said...

I was saying that Congress gets the benefit of the doubt sometimes cause you think of them as educated but unfortunately they are no better so actually I agree with you

IR said...

unfortunately we do not have any party which merits support, each and every one of them is hollow.
the communists have always been hypocritical , they want to usher new age economic reforms in wb but block reforms in the center,

but i dont understand why is the bjp communal ? because it makes noises about hindu rights and issues ?

had nandigram happned in gujrat or a bjp ruled state all hell would have broken loose !
why is'nt the congress communal when it reserves seats on the basis of religion ( only one particualr religion) ?

mahima said...

ure right though. you know my mom was a congress supporter.. is... i think i grew up thinking they were automatically the best, but the older i get, the more i re-assess that evaluation
but still.. the bjp-RSS thing is creepy...
did u see karan thapars interview with brinda karat? half an hour of fun fun fun!

IR said...

most people of our parents generatiopn supported congress because there were no alternatives back then ( save aside janta party etc ) , not that we have plenty to choose from !

yes i did , it was good .
i wonder what conversation happens b/w karan thapar and his guests when the cameras are switched off !

nirvikar singh said...

I really think the left after being in power for almost three decades in west Bengal has started treating the matters of the state as a party affair of the politburo, and is seriously under the misconception that it can get away with anything in west Bengal , even genocide!!

Mahima,choosing the right party is becoming increasingly difficult for us, whether you go with the left on nandigram, or you choose BJP with Gujrat riots or for that matter make congress win with 1984 riots. I guess , the only choice, we have at our disposal is to be kicked or boxed........alternatively every five years.
lastly to your question, when will we become for the people?
I wish i could answer that.

nirvikar singh said...


I think what we really need to debate on, Is coliation era good for our country? does it actually represent all sections of our society, and if yes, does it evolve into an effective running of our country adminstratively?

like ir says ,that people of his parents genrations supported congress because there were no alternatives, today we have so many alternatives from nationalparties to state parties to regional parties but even then we lack in so many ways? what is the alternative? one party system, two party system, what?

egg style said...

In the long term, what would be FOR the people would be an honest epistemological understanding of the relevant intellectual forces that are struggling for synthesis... if (still an if) that is what Nandygram will go into history for, long after the sets put up for the cameras are forgotten.

mansur said...

one thing we really need to understand is that more than 50% of our country is uneducated and the way they think and percieve things especially politics,religion,caste etc is completely different to our way of thinking.the politicians know this and exploit this to the hilt.the congress can definitely do itself a huge favour by taking initiatives in educating the masses(its trying now).after college ive settled down in delhi with my own business and the amount of corruption ive seen here will be beyond belief to many.