Saturday, July 15, 2006

To Asma, July 15th: VERY late at night

Oh my god! I think I'm in love with you!!!! YES... delhi is like... no one knows there is a world.. they are just cruising.. i am like!! Dude! Bombay-- blasts??!!! israel and lebanon?>>!!! nothing!
Btw this SIMI group that they think worked with lashkar has been around for a while. In UP mulayam has said all SIMI guys are cool- they weren't involved (perhaps for his vote ;)) people are like dude! But the thing is this, the way it was done it was prtty good, same line, diff stations, within the same time prd-- but get this. Because people have cell phones they can send their pictures of what happened... and they have been able to figure out what happened .. how?! They did that in the diwali blasts to with this market place-- but i was just thinking... Look how technology is changing the way we choose the see the world- like we are looking at the news and the world seems so big, like we could drown in it, but to other people technology also brings about leisure... just new ways to hang out, chill... and thats a whole diff POV but everyone survives/ But back to the blasts. Jeez i dnt get it. Yesterday my mom and i went shopping for clothes -so we were walkng in GK shes like 'isnt it crazy that someone could blow a bomb here because its a pretty busy place..' something, something------ but you know, when i thought of it like this- if they hit delhi, they could hit this exact place cause its a pretty busy, popular place... i just felt... a shiver. You know, its no longer news, if this is something you LIVE with... and then today i saw the pictures of beirut... dude. Bridges in the city have been blown apart, thr airport was hit. Someone left a comment on bbc that said-- its so sad because we went into a lot of debt to build up our beautiful city, and you know what i thought. Indias developing, good amt of money around. But if delhi got bombed... in a lot of key places, how would that be? It would be demolished, scars of war. And when it ever (and i hope never) i .. just dont ever want to have to deal with that. I think thats why its important to do soemthing in a larger sense, even if right now its as basic and talking about whats going on- If we understand that someplaces in life its worse .. and it shouldnt be- we'd help instead of trying to and scamming them .. Ok im just thinking out loud way too much, but i guess i just needed to rant. Third world war you say?! God, i hope not. They are so unpredictable, i mean israel especially, you never know if they suddenly wanna talk or just carry on bashing everything in sight... ok babe. Thanks for listening to me!!! I make everything sound like it may be in my backyard but only cause... alright. Bye now! Miss u!!!


Aye Davanita said...

No doubt it is depressing to think that there are a bunch of people, sitting, waiting, planning, obsessing over the next time they will kill scores of innocent people. 'Degenerate' is what comes to my mind mostly.

But you know what? I was in Michigan, USA when the Two Towers fell and I watched this country deal with it. It took over two years to overcome it.

Meanwhile, otherside of the globe -it IS a part of life. Bombay has seen its fair share of riots, blasts and darkness - but the next day people WILL get on with their lives. Nobody stops for a second -we didn't need our leaders to come up and say "get on with your lives" -people did it anyway. One must not make the mistake of considering this indifference. It's not. But we're used to it. We'll deal with it. And you will to - if and when you have to. I "hope", (that dangerous word again), neither you nor anyone has to.

To put it mildly, these are the aftershocks of a successful Western world.

Aye Davanita said...

Needed to clarify: "successful western world" - is also a subjective phrase... which makes it worse.

mahima said...

Yeah I know what you are saying because I\'ve thought about it too. Someone said on TV \'Its not that Bombay has recovered and is going back to work or not letting anything affect them- they HAVE to go back to work, there is no choice.\' People just carry on.

But Asma did reply to my (very late night) email to say \'Its not the apathy around the world that concerns me but the apathy around the people I know.\'

That in itself can be scary too!

Aye Davanita said...

Define apathy, or define 'caring'.

Is it a long e-mail sent to a close friend late at night regarding a sad event?

Is it a blog post about an e-mail sent to a close friend late at night regarding a sad event?

Is it a comment on a blog posted by someone about an e-mail they sent to a close friend late at night regarding a sad event?

Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps, your friend is truly caring - and she probably is, as may you be or I - but isn't that the extent of our "caring" over the event? This deliberation/discussion. In a day or two, you might have 20 other e-mails about various subjects pushing Asma's e-mail below your view... and you may have another blog post up, which I will probably read and comment on.

And what have we done?

Felt content that we cared... thats what we did.

In our own way we are apathetic as well - and a mere recognition of it, doesn't absolve us of this. Maybe I speak for myself... and thats what scares me.

Sorry - just watched Rang De Basanti again last night.

mahima said...

Either way, I can't imagine what I can do, sitting in London working on my thesis, but I do know that my studies and thesis are going towards an area that I am interested in-- development & India. The point is, its scary when people don't even put on the News-- its like a world does not exist outside their own. I don't give 22 year olds flak for caring about something but not being able to change the world but I think I would give someone flak for being my age and not having realised they are part of a country (forget the larger picture). But the ones whos wheels are turning? I don't give them flak, I'd encourage them.

Maybe I speak for myself. But then thats why I started this blog. SO that someone might listen and we might start taking about things.

Aye Davanita said...

Yes yes - you're right. I know exaclty what you're talking about - living in the U.S. exposes you to ignorance at its best. Here's the kicker - folks here have every resource at their disposal yet aren't aware of anything beyond their borders.

I think you should go into politics.