Wednesday, March 15, 2006


During my political communication seminar, I started doodling..

The pen hovers over the paper with disjointed thoughts hovering still. I gaze out of the window. Fiction? HUH. The morning? The weather? A smile? [I think of Louis "Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I am born, I grow up."] Where do I start? Is it even possible that I have lost my imagination. But I can imagine- I can see a future I want, but it comes in emotions. Happy. Busy. Comfortable. Loved. And in love.

But what about the clouds? I stop. So if it isn't politics or religion, all that I can come up with is the cloud and the weather. And that might be because I'm looking out of the window! That makes me laugh. At least I can see what I'm looking at.

It makes me angry.

You say we (the youth) won't be involved in politics but you forget that all you teach us is that it's tainted. I do blame academic disciplines. You don't remember that there can be beauty in power play- this game of snakes and ladders. Jarred; Yes. Faulty; Yes.... But if we are to have our own expectations reduced before we even begin our lives, we can never imagine.

It is so easy to watch television. But one must never forget the importance of music. Play. Listen. Let the thoughts form: let them flow. Visual images are the strongest but second to the images you construct in your mind.

I thought about magic the other day. Can I believe in magic? Did I ever? My favourite genre of TV is Sci-Fi. So it makes me think that I do WANT to believe. What about the magic in everyday life? Happy thoughts are like magic. They make you smile, they transform you, give you hope and joy- and there needn't be a reason. The magic of it all is reason enough.

I look up. The seminar is still continuing. My mind starts racing.

We're talking about Fukuyama's 'End of History'. Basically what the guy said was that once all countries move towards a liberal democracy history will 'end' in the sense that there will be no more ideological evolution to be had because it is, in a sense, a perfect government.

Really? Liberal Democracy and the Media. Isn't that the hot topic all the time anyway? So if we believe the Emasculation thesis, that this steady diet of cynicism is disillusioning the voters, then we must wonder about the state of this so-called 'perfect' system of goverment. Or perhaps, following the Democratisation thesis, all advances especially related to communication technologies, the media and politics, are a legitimate way to enlighten the masses. Although they might still be catching on to the game. Don't forget, Television isn't that old. It was first used in American politics in a big way in the 1960s. Of course people need time to adjust.
Once everyone understands how the race is run, they'll know what to watch out for. And we get better everyday.

I realise something. I suck at fiction. DUH.


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