Saturday, November 26, 2005

what how what

I have this dream diary. Basically a few years ago, conversations with a friend of mine always started with "guess what i dreamt about last night".. so we decided to write down our dreams and then see if a pattern .. or anything emerged. I've written down some of my crazier dreams off and on for about four years now. I've figured out that if i dream of a tsunami/ flood/ natural disaster it means I'm stressed... and sometimes I don't even know something is bothering me till a tidal wave threatens to wipe out montreal- or something. I wish I could do some more research about the workings of the mind.. but I fear I will over analyse myself thereby not enjoying my dreams anymore.

So I never did get around to it because I started reading some great books and watched some interesting plays.. [btw, saw Kevin Spacey in Richard II tonight and Anthony Head in Otherwise Engaged on monday]. I've been meaning to sit down with my thoughts and post a blog for a while but its been so busy and rushed that I just haven't.

Anyway, I've been busy with developmental communications of late, working on my dissertation idea etc.. and I read this very interesting article that pointed out that most Hollywood movies coming out are 'conscience flicks' .. for example, The Constant Gardener targets corruption by Big Pharmaceuticals in Africa, Good Night, and Good Luck shows how Edward R. Murrow took a stand against McCarthyism and Syriana questions the cozy relationship between the West and an oil-producing Middle Eastern country. And as much as I like cheese on tv (case and point, I'm a fan of the OC, don't ask me why) the education of the American public is something I wholly support. Hey---- just watch Jaywalking, and then talk to me!!

More later, just wanted to check in.

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rohinic said...

dissertation... wow. maybe thats why broadway exists... to inform the mtv generation about disasters and the like... set to music and dance of course, otherwise they may never know their own "disasters" i guess...
erin brokovich etc?