Thursday, October 20, 2005

Think I've been adopted.

I live on campus. About ten days ago I came home really late, about 5am- and I found the cat- that belongs to the residence hanging about my door. He followed me home and plonked on my bed and fell asleep. I'm used to having cats- and having cats sleep on my bed, so I let him. I think he's adopted me. Whenever he wants, he waits for me, has a nap on my bed and goes meow at the door when he wants to leave. He's really fat too. Tomcat. Well he's really Tom. But I like calling him cat.

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Rifq said...

i have hereby been inspired to create my own now something to so when i'm oh so bored....thankee my's one thing.....i love the way you make your thoughts so comprehensible...every time i write down what i'm thinking and then read it makes absolutely no sense save in my head so god help all you people who visit my blog.