Monday, October 24, 2005

its a small world after all..

Well, I did spend the day leafing through books for an upcoming presentation.. but later on I decided to watch this BBC documentary on the 50 years of TV News. Then I played around with Picasa. [Might post some pictures here if I can find the button]
The BBC documentary was really moving. There were enough world events that I'd studied about but had never seen footage of. I was actually suprised that I had never actually seen Sadat address the Knessnet or ... Even the wars...The way they changed with bigger and bigger machines. And just the way we see people now. It was a lot to digest in an hour and a half but I'd suggest everyone watch it. Especially when you go through WWII to the Vietnam war, to South Africa and Apartheid, IRA-- footage of Bloody Sunday, Ethiopia, India and Pakistan.. September 11th, the Madrid bombings....I teared up at the events from the past decade because they affected me .. and it just felt like all we ever do is kill each other...

Anyway, in other news, thanks to the weekend.. and quite the entertaining weekend it was... I haven't seen my cat [my? cat] ..


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