Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Baby steps..

I'm not new to reading blogs.. but am new to writing them. I've been filling out online applications.. well, HALF filling them out since some of them just annoy me. They give you choices, but sometimes they don't even apply to you---but you HAVE to choose an option. The last one asked me what service provider I had for my mobile. It gave me orange, O2 and two others. I'm on 3. But no, had to choose one of them. Exasperated I needed to vent and I arrived here. I promise to be a little more positive when I write next.

Well, here's to the internet! Cheers!


Ambika said...

Someone once wrote me and said "Most of us take the music inside of us to our graves." But then again...we are the sort of people who qualify for "Most of us" are we. Im glad....following the herd has never ever been your style.
The choices that life gives us can be annoying yes...but aren't you grateful that it DOES give us choices!:) And salut! to the fact that there's always someone to vent to. Love and miss... Muttley

sungod said...

There there now little one...venting away to the world in general and not the old man is a breach of contract. My lawyers will be contacting you shortly.


egg style said...

Baby steps?

This blog's a work of art

mahima said...

egg style, i only just saw this comment... wow, thank you so much :)