Saturday, October 29, 2005

Surprise? Not so surprising after all...

I read about Iran's comments in the papers, but I didn't really add much importance to it. The countries have been at eachothers throats for years, knowing their history, and Iran's constant insistance that it only has nuclear power for non violent purposes. I'd written a paper in college about how the US and Iran have had a terrible foreign policy because of a series of misgivings. I'm simplifying it right now, but anyway after learning of all the chaos around the comments- the leaders denouncing it et al, I read this on the BBC website:

Added: Friday, 28 October, 2005, 11:15 GMT 12:15 UK
These comments from a democratically elected leader are causing outrage. I am not so sure why as they are representative of the feelings of frustration and anger generated in the Muslim world by the actions and inactions of the west. It just shows how unaware western leaders are of Muslim attitudes. This comment should not be so surprising. Just imagine how Syrians, Iranians, Iraqis, North Koreans etc feel when Bush makes similar remarks.
Anand Reddy, London

The West does seem to forget the passion and hatred that has engulfed the middle east for decades, looking at it from one point of view- theirs. I hope more people can keep an objective mind.

Delhi was bombed today as well. Diwali is coming up and the shops were busy. No one has taken responsibilty. I hope these attacks had nothing to do with our recent nuclear power deal with the US. Pakistan is in too much of a bad place to be involved, and I doubt they'd hit Delhi. Even they aren't that crazy.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

House of Cards

Thanks for those who read my blog!! :)

Someone said something to me yesterday that made me think a whole lot- we were talking about how President Bush sent the army to New Orleans because of Katrina. She said that if there had been a disaster in Britain and the army had been sent, one would expect them to be the ones picking up the broken pieces and helping salvage and rebuild. I thought about it, and its true. In other countries, like India, if the army is sent in to a disaster area, its because there is total faith that the army chaps can help out. But in the US, as she pointed out, images were daunting. You had the army in their super tankers or what have you-- holding guns, parading around town. They had guns pointed at people who had just suffered a terrible tragedy. And the images were just scary. It hadn't really occured to me; but now I can't stop thinking about it.

Anyway, the other day I needed to out this clock of mine in storage, and I came accross something I'd written when I was high school. So this is quite old; but I still enjoyed reading it. Its sort of the profile of a stalker. Its pretty creepy I thought, but I am still happy with the way I wrote it. So I thought I'd share it.

I watch.

Years of perfected movements have taught me to sit still and observe. I see his car pull up at his driveway. The driver gets out, and after a few moments his door bangs shut. The door of his house opens, his wife comes out to welcome him. It is only after a few hours that the lights of the house are switched off and I leave.

I wait.

He is all that I was. All that I lost. All that I want to regain. His world is now a desire that burns inside me. For me, timing is everything. They say, strike when the iron is hot. So I wait.

House of Cards.

I count on his vunerability. They say he exploited mine. The way he took possession of my world, and then left me. So ruthlessly. Now I sit and anticipate. One small blow and the house of cards will fall.


It never happens. I am destroyed. I am defeated. His is a world that I cannot touch. I cannot chase it any longer,it a mirage that is unattainable. So I resign myself to watching his daily routine. That is how I feed my impatience. Till the day the coward in me dies.

Monday, October 24, 2005

its a small world after all..

Well, I did spend the day leafing through books for an upcoming presentation.. but later on I decided to watch this BBC documentary on the 50 years of TV News. Then I played around with Picasa. [Might post some pictures here if I can find the button]
The BBC documentary was really moving. There were enough world events that I'd studied about but had never seen footage of. I was actually suprised that I had never actually seen Sadat address the Knessnet or ... Even the wars...The way they changed with bigger and bigger machines. And just the way we see people now. It was a lot to digest in an hour and a half but I'd suggest everyone watch it. Especially when you go through WWII to the Vietnam war, to South Africa and Apartheid, IRA-- footage of Bloody Sunday, Ethiopia, India and Pakistan.. September 11th, the Madrid bombings....I teared up at the events from the past decade because they affected me .. and it just felt like all we ever do is kill each other...

Anyway, in other news, thanks to the weekend.. and quite the entertaining weekend it was... I haven't seen my cat [my? cat] ..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Think I've been adopted.

I live on campus. About ten days ago I came home really late, about 5am- and I found the cat- that belongs to the residence hanging about my door. He followed me home and plonked on my bed and fell asleep. I'm used to having cats- and having cats sleep on my bed, so I let him. I think he's adopted me. Whenever he wants, he waits for me, has a nap on my bed and goes meow at the door when he wants to leave. He's really fat too. Tomcat. Well he's really Tom. But I like calling him cat.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Baby steps..

I'm not new to reading blogs.. but am new to writing them. I've been filling out online applications.. well, HALF filling them out since some of them just annoy me. They give you choices, but sometimes they don't even apply to you---but you HAVE to choose an option. The last one asked me what service provider I had for my mobile. It gave me orange, O2 and two others. I'm on 3. But no, had to choose one of them. Exasperated I needed to vent and I arrived here. I promise to be a little more positive when I write next.

Well, here's to the internet! Cheers!